Tennessee State University alumni and neckwear entrepreneur, discuses the importance of style and professionalism for college students

Michael McPherson Jr. (left), Mace Neal III (right) Co-founders of Windsor Neckwear –  Photo Courtesy of Sherry Clagg

NASHVILLE – Advice for college students is usually best served by those who were once in their position. For Tennessee State University students, Mace Neal III of Windsor Neckwear is the guy. Neal, of La Vergne, TN, is a 2002 graduate of TSU. He is also co-owner/operator with fellow TSU alum, Michael McPherson Jr. at Windsor Neckwear, a company that specializes in neckwear and accessories. The company was conceived in 2008 from a trip with the two to a clothing store, ironically.

“Well, one day my partner and I was in a local men’s store and were looking for a tie for two separate events that we had to go to. While in the store looking we didnt see anything that represented our style and showed the exact expression we were looking for.
So at that point we was both like, “we should start a neck tie business, or atleast start making hand made ties to fit customers personality or allow them to express them selves.”” said Neal.

Started with an $80 investment, Neal and McPherson embarked on their quest by hand making ties and handkerchiefs. With a mission to provided their clients with high quality neckwear and accessories at an affordable prices, Windsor Neck has grown to even launching their own website in 2010. Their ties are now manufactured due to the increase in sales over the years. To Neal and Windsor Neckwear, dressing in a professional matter is vital for college students in today’s world.

Neal states, “I think it is important that students dress professionally because, it is the first interaction with other professionals on an adult level. Like the quote says a first impression is a lasting impression.”

Previously being college students themselves, the Windsor Neckwear website states that their clients can “Look like a million bucks without spending in it.”

Windsor Neckwear takes pride in seeing people looking good and feeling confident in their appearance. Neal’s last piece of advice is culmination of what he lives by on a daily basis,

“People treat you the way you dress and act. Its a representation of self.”


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