Black Entertainment Television comes to Tennessee State University as part of annual black college tour for the first time since 2006. Bringing excitement and unity to the student body.

Students gather in front of the stage at the BET College Tour. Photo Courtesy of Tennessee State University

NASHVILLE – The campus of Tennessee State University served as the most recent host of Black Entertainment Television’s annual College Tour on Wednesday. The event attracted hundreds of students to TSU’s Welton Plaza to take part in the festivities. The BET College Tour remains the largest event of its kind targeting historically Black College and Universities (HBCU’s). The tour was long overdue according to some students.

“I am excited, I have been waiting for this for four years since 09’. I hate seeing BET going to every HBCU except Tennessee State University. “I am just so glad they actually decided to come and they (TSU) agreed to let them come,” said Ceteka Buchanan, a junior at TSU.

The variety of activities offered at the tour allows students to test their whit, talent, and health. The event started with a campus jump off with several hosts, one being Miss Mykie – one of the new host for BET’s trademark show 106 & Park. The jump off carried over into a singing contest and freestyle rap battle. Students test their basketballs skills in a 3-point contest and a 2-on-2 matchup. The event also showcased music artists, High Raise and Ray Lavender, who performed for the students. The tour had HIV health screenings as part of BET’s Rap-It-Up campaign and tents devoted for voter registration and career placement.

“Our goal is to really reach students, provide them with resources. We have the career center if theyre interested in learning about job postings, internships, and post-graduate. We want to provide them with a break, but to also get them engaged with BET,” said Francesca Fontenot of BET Networks.

This break could not have come at a better time since it was midterms week at TSU. Students now feel refreshed now that the College Tour is back on campus. BET’s six year drought from TSU is primary over beverages.

According to TSU senior and Student Government Association member, Bethany Blackman, “The last they came was in 2006, and we have really been pushing for them to come to the university since then. For this being our centennial year makes it extra special that they took the time out and actually put us back on the schedule.”

TSU in currently a Pepsi-Cola sponsored school. Apparently when the university switched sponsorship from Coke-A-Cola, the move caused a rift with BET coming to the university since BET is strongly backed by the Coke brand. Now the ties are now healed and students can enjoy the festivities the network has to offer and come together in the process.

“Well at TSU we always say we’re a family, and being here for four year I realized that when we come together for an event we become a family. And we should have more events like that since we are so much like a family we should do this more often,” said Buchanan.


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