Tips for college males up to your professional style on a college budget

Joshua Kissi (left), and Travis Gumbs (right), of the blog Street Etiquette. Photo Courtesy of Casey Kelbaugh for The New York Times

College male students are constantly trying to stay with the Jones in terms of professional dress. But the funds to stay up or get on at all are very slim for the average up and coming professional scholar. Students are constatly told to “dress for success” but Brooks Brothers and Joseph A. Banks are not the most affordable brands for the college wallet. Below are a couple of options for young men to up their professional attire while staying in their limited budget:

*This list in comprised based on locations where I actually have purchased items in my wardrobe.*

1. K&G Fashion

K&G is great because they offer professional tailoring for men’s and women’s clothing inside most store locations. They always have sales on suits (often ranging $75+). K&G shipping is free if orders are shipped to a local K&G store to be picked up. Their 100% guarantee ensures complete satisfaction with your garment’s fit once it has been tailored by them according to the K&G website. You will only be charged one time for the work that they do.

2. Windsor Neckwear

Windsor Neckwear has some of the finest ties and pocket-squares at and affordable price. Each of their silk neckties and bow ties are limited edition as Windsor only offer 25 pieces of each design. So each tie line is only out until supplies runs out. Windsor tell their customers, “If you see it and like it then get it, because it won’t be available long.” Ties typically range from $12-43, but its not uncommon to find ties on sale for $7+. Great place to get a premium piece of neckwear that is exclusive and eloquent for the classroom and workplace.

Here are just a couple of  places to start in developing your professional style, hope they do you for you as they have done for me.


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